A Fish Story That’s True

I’ll tell you a fish story, a story that’s true.
When you go out fishing, a story is due.
I’ve fished on the lake, fished on the sea,
Fished at a brook, where this story will be.

I’d caught many a fish, filled my table and more,
But the biggest fish I had, was bought in the store.
I went to this brook, someone told me the way;
Tried every bait and hook, but no fish that day.

I was about to go home, when up in the air,
Jumped the biggest fish ever, none could compare.
I worked the surface, with all I could try,
But he jumped up again and spit in my eye.

He leaped and he circled and teased me some more.
I used all my lures and went back to the store.
He kept stealing my bait, and I wanted to cry;
Then he’d jump up again and spit in my eye.

I thought I had hooked him when he jerked on my line.
I pulled him in close, and he really looked fine.
Then he coughed up the hook, and I let out a cry.
He almost smiled when he spit in my eye.

I was frustrated then, and thought I would die.
I’d tried every hook and lure I could try.
Many times in the future, I returned to that brook.
He’s still there, and he jumps and coughs out my hook.

I swear that some day, when I catch that big fish,
I’ll look right at him and grant his last wish.
I’ll throw him right back, when he lets out a cry.
Where else is a fish that can spit in your eye.

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