If you are going to play golf,
I’ll give you advice.
Don’t hit a hook.
Don’t hit a slice.

It’s straight down the fairway,
The best place to be.
And for goodness sake,
Don’t hit a tree.

I learned to play golf.
I took the advice.
Didn’t hit a hook,
But I did hit a slice.

It was straight down the fairway,
I always tried to be,
But more often than not,
I’d hit a darn tree.

I drove and I putted,
Chipped the best I could,
But no matter how I tried,
It wasn’t very good.

There was the sand; the deep grass,
And this pond you see.
And when I came over the hill,
There was always that darn tree.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why I still hit that ball?
When you hit a tree,
It’s no fun at all.

But I still play golf,
And I still hit that tree.
It’s the sun, the fresh air,
And the friends at the tee.

3 thoughts on “TO PLAY GOLF

    1. drblarney1931 Post author


      I also enjoyed love and marriage very much. It reminded me that all the traditions started a long time ago—for instance Hindu is the oldest recorded religion—10,000 years B C. That means all it suggest from the worlds of high population, religion, customs etc. I can’t wait to hear all your stories.
      Uncle dan



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