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In my book, “The God Myth and Reality”, I mentioned different beliefs and subjective and objective or beliefs and facts. I explained about free will and how it effects good vs evil and evolution.

One of the other subjects is LUCA (Last universal common ancestor). In recent years by DNA analysis and specifically carbon based DNA, research has found no other DNA in any of the life forms on our planet. The University of Montreal was the first publication where I became aware of this information. Today, many institutions are following up on this discovery; it seems to suggest that all life forms on our planet are descendents of the same gene process and the tree of life. The research that led to proving the earth is four and one half billion years old made the controversy of evolution as not being possible to becoming pausable. It may be acceptable as an objective fact.

It does not appear to contradict religion, but it makes evolution as a process acceptable. This and other findings of recent history support faith, which is about as far as one can go in the research of religion. There will always be “either you believe or you don’t” and that will always be the final question and answer.


Down through the ages,
The eons of time,
Tales have been told
By song and by rhyme.

I’ll tell you a story.
It might even be true.
About the Leprechaun, his gold,
The Blarney Stone and you.

Once upon a time
A long time ago,
On that little green isle
Where we’d all like to go.

Lived wee little people,
Leprechauns by name.
Hoarding the gold
Was their main claim to fame.

Searchers did come,
And searchers did go,
Never did they find
That big pot of gold.

The Leprechauns were smart
And treasured their gold,
Then decided to share it
With the Irish I’m told.

To some they gave song,
Poetry, and prose.
To others, they gave the blarney,
Delightful and bold.

The rest of the gold
They stored in the stone.
Its up in the castle
And sits all alone.

A gift from the ancients
The ancients of old
A gift of the blarney
Delightful and bold

If you would go there
And kiss on that stone
You may come aware richer,
With some Leprechaun’s gold.

India: Have nor, want not.

Received a email from Wende and Austin in India. They are experiencing a year of volunteer work prior to starting medical school at Ohio State.

The hardships and life style of rural India makes me feel more cognizant of what happens in parts of the world today. On the other hand, I am old enough to remember similarities of my parents and grandparents that were quite difficult in 1900 and, before and after. With God’s gift of “free will” to humanity, our country was able to work and progress and achieve what many of us accept as normal today etc- electricity, housing, washing machines, automobiles, TV, radio, schools and all the other items we now take for granted.

I think young people who volunteer, like Wende and Austin, have a wonderful opportunity to see how other countries and cultures are struggling to catch up with the rest of us. I cannot even imagine what life will be like in another hundred years, but our young people of today have the opportunity to do so.

I’m old enough to start falling down now, occasionally, but I have had the wonderful experience of observing and appreciating what humanity has accomplished in just the last hundred years. What does life hold for the rest of you and what incentives do you have to use the gift of free will to do in the years to dome.

dr dan


I’m enjoying the new blog site, the comments to the site and the ones to my e-mail at Both sites are usual and acceptable for comments (good or bad). I’m still learning about blogs and have included my own comments or other issues and some rhymes to enjoy–hope you like them.

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A Fish Story That’s True

I’ll tell you a fish story, a story that’s true.
When you go out fishing, a story is due.
I’ve fished on the lake, fished on the sea,
Fished at a brook, where this story will be.

I’d caught many a fish, filled my table and more,
But the biggest fish I had, was bought in the store.
I went to this brook, someone told me the way;
Tried every bait and hook, but no fish that day.

I was about to go home, when up in the air,
Jumped the biggest fish ever, none could compare.
I worked the surface, with all I could try,
But he jumped up again and spit in my eye.

He leaped and he circled and teased me some more.
I used all my lures and went back to the store.
He kept stealing my bait, and I wanted to cry;
Then he’d jump up again and spit in my eye.

I thought I had hooked him when he jerked on my line.
I pulled him in close, and he really looked fine.
Then he coughed up the hook, and I let out a cry.
He almost smiled when he spit in my eye.

I was frustrated then, and thought I would die.
I’d tried every hook and lure I could try.
Many times in the future, I returned to that brook.
He’s still there, and he jumps and coughs out my hook.

I swear that some day, when I catch that big fish,
I’ll look right at him and grant his last wish.
I’ll throw him right back, when he lets out a cry.
Where else is a fish that can spit in your eye.