In my book, “The God Myth and Reality”, I mentioned different beliefs and subjective and objective or beliefs and facts. I explained about free will and how it effects good vs evil and evolution.

One of the other subjects is LUCA (Last universal common ancestor). In recent years by DNA analysis and specifically carbon based DNA, research has found no other DNA in any of the life forms on our planet. The University of Montreal was the first publication where I became aware of this information. Today, many institutions are following up on this discovery; it seems to suggest that all life forms on our planet are descendents of the same gene process and the tree of life. The research that led to proving the earth is four and one half billion years old made the controversy of evolution as not being possible to becoming pausable. It may be acceptable as an objective fact.

It does not appear to contradict religion, but it makes evolution as a process acceptable. This and other findings of recent history support faith, which is about as far as one can go in the research of religion. There will always be “either you believe or you don’t” and that will always be the final question and answer.

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