India: Have nor, want not.

Received a email from Wende and Austin in India. They are experiencing a year of volunteer work prior to starting medical school at Ohio State.

The hardships and life style of rural India makes me feel more cognizant of what happens in parts of the world today. On the other hand, I am old enough to remember similarities of my parents and grandparents that were quite difficult in 1900 and, before and after. With God’s gift of “free will” to humanity, our country was able to work and progress and achieve what many of us accept as normal today etc- electricity, housing, washing machines, automobiles, TV, radio, schools and all the other items we now take for granted.

I think young people who volunteer, like Wende and Austin, have a wonderful opportunity to see how other countries and cultures are struggling to catch up with the rest of us. I cannot even imagine what life will be like in another hundred years, but our young people of today have the opportunity to do so.

I’m old enough to start falling down now, occasionally, but I have had the wonderful experience of observing and appreciating what humanity has accomplished in just the last hundred years. What does life hold for the rest of you and what incentives do you have to use the gift of free will to do in the years to dome.

dr dan

3 thoughts on “India: Have nor, want not.

  1. Oslocks

    Thanks for the mention Uncle Dan! Wende and I have definitely gained a different perspective on the world through our travels to India. While there are many things that I think India could gain from American culture, I think the same can be said in the opposite direction. Despite a lower level of technology used in many Indian’s daily lives, I think there are practices (like valuing family and health) that we could all probably benefit from 🙂



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