Future of DNA

I covered in the book, DNA and how we are along with all life forms on the planet earth from carbon DNA and are all basically from the last universal common ancestor (LUCA).
Since we live in a fast developing technical society, new developments occur constantly. No, we have not yet found another common DNA to change this development.

Recently, new developments in technology are talking about a synthetic DNA; this could lead to the development of new life forms from what could be called XNA or even XDNA. This would start a whole new source of artificial or synthetic life forms, yet they would be based on synthesis and not evolution as we presently know it. Our new millennials (This thousand years) will probably develop it, and they would do all kinds of creations I certainly would not recognize.

They would not be called robots or cyborgs necessarily, but they would be something or a life form either mixed or developed with XNA synthesis. This would create the question of the soul–do they have one or not. I’ll never know or even be around to see this, yet it is bound to happen, and our millennial descendents of this thousand years will have to deal with it. If it happens, I still would believe in LUCA rather than a synthetic life form with or without a soul. (A thought for the future by the millennials or descendents of our humanity as it stands today).

Whatever happens in the future, the question always remains “You either believe or you don’t believe. That is always the question.

dr dan

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