At the end of the rainbow,
Just sitting on the gold,
Was himself, the Leprechaun,
Who was looking mighty old.

He was incredibly short,
And his belly was round.
His mouth hung open
And didn’t make a sound.

He leaped up onto the rainbow
And glared into my eye.
Then, he said I had caught him
And sadly began to cry.

“If you wish upon the rainbow,
I’ll grant it, you’ll see,
But please leave me my gold
Because that is my fee.”

I closed my eyes,
Held the rainbow tight
And sought for a wish
To come into the light.

As I held the rainbow,
A thought came to me.
I made a wish
Of what I’d like to be.

I opened my eyes
And what did I see:
No rainbow, no Leprechaun
And no pot of gold for me.

As the years have passed,
I’ve worked and now become
Exactly what I wished for,
By that rainbow under the sun.

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