I’m enjoying the new blog site, the comments to the site and the ones to my e-mail at Both sites are usual and acceptable for comments (good or bad). I’m still learning about blogs and have included my own comments or other issues and some rhymes to enjoy–hope you like them.

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A Fish Story That’s True

I’ll tell you a fish story, a story that’s true.
When you go out fishing, a story is due.
I’ve fished on the lake, fished on the sea,
Fished at a brook, where this story will be.

I’d caught many a fish, filled my table and more,
But the biggest fish I had, was bought in the store.
I went to this brook, someone told me the way;
Tried every bait and hook, but no fish that day.

I was about to go home, when up in the air,
Jumped the biggest fish ever, none could compare.
I worked the surface, with all I could try,
But he jumped up again and spit in my eye.

He leaped and he circled and teased me some more.
I used all my lures and went back to the store.
He kept stealing my bait, and I wanted to cry;
Then he’d jump up again and spit in my eye.

I thought I had hooked him when he jerked on my line.
I pulled him in close, and he really looked fine.
Then he coughed up the hook, and I let out a cry.
He almost smiled when he spit in my eye.

I was frustrated then, and thought I would die.
I’d tried every hook and lure I could try.
Many times in the future, I returned to that brook.
He’s still there, and he jumps and coughs out my hook.

I swear that some day, when I catch that big fish,
I’ll look right at him and grant his last wish.
I’ll throw him right back, when he lets out a cry.
Where else is a fish that can spit in your eye.

Sending in mail to promised Friends

I’m busy using up all of my copies of the new book and getting them ready to mail. It’s a pleasure that I feel good about. I cannot do it for everyone, but I am mailing the promised ones.

The rest may have to order their copy through distributors. If you like digital download to your I-pad or computer, the price of the download is less than the price of one movie ticket–a good deal. The printed paper books are, of course, more, but I know most of the younger generation often prefer their books downloaded onto their I-pads in the digital form. “The God Myth and Reality.”

I’ll keep adding to the blog site and hope that you are enjoying the extra discussions I write on the blog.

Dr dan, uncle dan, grandpa dan etc-.


I originally started to developed this blog site to help in sharing my new (probably last) book because I am getting older and starting to lose some of my younger abilities of memory–we all joke about this, and I have often done that to myself as age seems to be catching up to me.

I was going to include some rhyme stories and word pictures to lighten up the reading, so I still feel good about that decision.

What I am surprised about is that the data on religion, subjective and objective information along with the science approach has generated interest in so many daily activities of each of us and how it effects the decisions and understanding of daily life and its decisions about everything we see, hear, and think about. This is mostly about “FREE WILL” and its effect on all of our lives.

When God gave us the gift of free will, its consequences, and responsibilities, it provided us with the ability to grow or shrink in our development by evolution. It appears to be the driving force that encourages our minds to make decisions about almost everything–good or bad, or even indifference. On judgement day (if this is our belief), we will each of us, and all of us together, be judged and evaluated by God or that unknown entity we call God. All of us have our own concept of what this is, even if we belong to or do not belong to the same religion or church within that religion.

Speculating over all of this information, belief or non-belief, is something I tend to do more and more of, as I grow older.

Again, my purpose in all of these writings, the book, and the blog is to share my thoughts and conclusions, no matter what the reader’s concepts are or beliefs are on that subject. As a scientist and physician I have spent most of my life attempting to look at all sides of a subject or question. Sometimes it is interesting, irresistible and satisfying–other times it is very frustrating because I know that as a human being, one can never fully understand all of its ramifications. It still boils down to “either you believe or you don’t believe–that is the question and the answer. I feel that the data presented in the book answers more questions, which I asked and explored, than it does not. Feedback by comments from individual opinions are always appreciated.


The Man Of Their Dreams

They really like chubby,
But they drink “diet light”.
They sit around the table,
Then scream with delight.

Across the floor,
Comes the man of their dreams.
He dances and he prances,
In his very tight jeans.

His belly sticks way out
In the front.
And when he turns around,
He has this little tiny rump.

Just when they think,
They have finally seen it all,
He drops all his clothes,
And stands oh so tall.

Then just to provide them,
With one more tiny joy,
The little two year old bends over,
And he picks up his toy.

Follow up on Ferguson, MO

The riots are calming down, and the return to a small city and its own problems are returning. It will be a long time before this is solved, yet no on will be totally satisfied, no matter how it all comes out in the end. My prayers are with the people of Ferguson—it is their city.

Martin Luther King’s granddaughter was interviewed on the news–she was not in Ferguson, and commented that 1) they need peace before the healing can progress and that justice or resolving the issues can only¬† be achieved after you have peace . That is so logical it is a wonder why so many have to have a riot and violence to feel like they are achieving anything. She talked about how her family home was bombed as a child and her father went outside and stood on top of a car, then talked to all of the crowd who were forming a riot, and then he spoke to them that he and his family were safe and they should all go home and not riot outside of the law, which just makes things worse.

I had forgotten that event, but the memory is now solidified in my mind—I hope never to forget that simple, peaceful, and appropriate statement by him and how it is a different mindset than what we so often see today. FIRST PEACE, THEN JUSTICE COMES LATER. That is how our system is supposed to work,¬† not the way we see groups or people who immediately use chaos as an opportunity to violate out laws of conduct.