Sending in mail to promised Friends

I’m busy using up all of my copies of the new book and getting them ready to mail. It’s a pleasure that I feel good about. I cannot do it for everyone, but I am mailing the promised ones.

The rest may have to order their copy through distributors. If you like digital download to your I-pad or computer, the price of the download is less than the price of one movie ticket–a good deal. The printed paper books are, of course, more, but I know most of the younger generation often prefer their books downloaded onto their I-pads in the digital form. “The God Myth and Reality.”

I’ll keep adding to the blog site and hope that you are enjoying the extra discussions I write on the blog.

Dr dan, uncle dan, grandpa dan etc-.


I originally started to developed this blog site to help in sharing my new (probably last) book because I am getting older and starting to lose some of my younger abilities of memory–we all joke about this, and I have often done that to myself as age seems to be catching up to me.

I was going to include some rhyme stories and word pictures to lighten up the reading, so I still feel good about that decision.

What I am surprised about is that the data on religion, subjective and objective information along with the science approach has generated interest in so many daily activities of each of us and how it effects the decisions and understanding of daily life and its decisions about everything we see, hear, and think about. This is mostly about “FREE WILL” and its effect on all of our lives.

When God gave us the gift of free will, its consequences, and responsibilities, it provided us with the ability to grow or shrink in our development by evolution. It appears to be the driving force that encourages our minds to make decisions about almost everything–good or bad, or even indifference. On judgement day (if this is our belief), we will each of us, and all of us together, be judged and evaluated by God or that unknown entity we call God. All of us have our own concept of what this is, even if we belong to or do not belong to the same religion or church within that religion.

Speculating over all of this information, belief or non-belief, is something I tend to do more and more of, as I grow older.

Again, my purpose in all of these writings, the book, and the blog is to share my thoughts and conclusions, no matter what the reader’s concepts are or beliefs are on that subject. As a scientist and physician I have spent most of my life attempting to look at all sides of a subject or question. Sometimes it is interesting, irresistible and satisfying–other times it is very frustrating because I know that as a human being, one can never fully understand all of its ramifications. It still boils down to “either you believe or you don’t believe–that is the question and the answer. I feel that the data presented in the book answers more questions, which I asked and explored, than it does not. Feedback by comments from individual opinions are always appreciated.


The Man Of Their Dreams

They really like chubby,
But they drink “diet light”.
They sit around the table,
Then scream with delight.

Across the floor,
Comes the man of their dreams.
He dances and he prances,
In his very tight jeans.

His belly sticks way out
In the front.
And when he turns around,
He has this little tiny rump.

Just when they think,
They have finally seen it all,
He drops all his clothes,
And stands oh so tall.

Then just to provide them,
With one more tiny joy,
The little two year old bends over,
And he picks up his toy.

Follow up on Ferguson, MO

The riots are calming down, and the return to a small city and its own problems are returning. It will be a long time before this is solved, yet no on will be totally satisfied, no matter how it all comes out in the end. My prayers are with the people of Ferguson—it is their city.

Martin Luther King’s granddaughter was interviewed on the news–she was not in Ferguson, and commented that 1) they need peace before the healing can progress and that justice or resolving the issues can only  be achieved after you have peace . That is so logical it is a wonder why so many have to have a riot and violence to feel like they are achieving anything. She talked about how her family home was bombed as a child and her father went outside and stood on top of a car, then talked to all of the crowd who were forming a riot, and then he spoke to them that he and his family were safe and they should all go home and not riot outside of the law, which just makes things worse.

I had forgotten that event, but the memory is now solidified in my mind—I hope never to forget that simple, peaceful, and appropriate statement by him and how it is a different mindset than what we so often see today. FIRST PEACE, THEN JUSTICE COMES LATER. That is how our system is supposed to work,  not the way we see groups or people who immediately use chaos as an opportunity to violate out laws of conduct.


Everything keeps coming back to “FREE WILL”.

We have a sad but damaging uncontrolled riot in one of our small cities near St Louis. These are always sad and considered an evil episode with no good resolution. The death of a young man is terrible and has been used as a lightening rod by outsiders to promote their own cause. A fair and complete investigation of the death seems to be secondary to the reasons the rioters are there.

Civilizations are formed by humans agreeing to live together with rules or laws to live by. violations go outside the rules. We elect officials to do a job that represents all the people by following the rules or laws and enforcing them according to the law. Law enforcement officers are hired to abide by and enforce those rules. sometimes we as individuals or a group disagree with the rules and violate the law by trying to go outside those rules or laws of conduct. We have ways of changing laws by legal means–it is called the elective process that we all value so much.

Sometimes those who don’t vote, complain outside the system. Their energies would be better used to work within the system that we developed and agreed to live by. It’s not perfect but it is better than anything else.

Nothing but evil, damage, sadness, and ruination will occur with this outside of the law behavior. Our elected, appointed or hired enforcers of our laws should simply do the jobs they promised to abide by and enforce. That is why we have them, whether we always agree with them or not. If something in the system needs changed, there are guidelines and rules to make those changes.

Without laws and agreed rules to live by, the chaos of one small city could become a chaos of an entire nation or even a world. LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER AS AGREED.


If you are going to play golf,
I’ll give you advice.
Don’t hit a hook.
Don’t hit a slice.

It’s straight down the fairway,
The best place to be.
And for goodness sake,
Don’t hit a tree.

I learned to play golf.
I took the advice.
Didn’t hit a hook,
But I did hit a slice.

It was straight down the fairway,
I always tried to be,
But more often than not,
I’d hit a darn tree.

I drove and I putted,
Chipped the best I could,
But no matter how I tried,
It wasn’t very good.

There was the sand; the deep grass,
And this pond you see.
And when I came over the hill,
There was always that darn tree.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why I still hit that ball?
When you hit a tree,
It’s no fun at all.

But I still play golf,
And I still hit that tree.
It’s the sun, the fresh air,
And the friends at the tee.


Grandfathers Are Old

Grandfathers are old, sometimes very smart;
They are usually overweight but have a big heart.
Grandfathers are tired, and they’ve lived a long time,
But catch them just right, and they’ll tell you a rhyme.

Grandfather was sleeping, laid out in his chair;
The sound of his snoring resounding through the air.
Three little children crept quietly across the room;
They didn’t want to disturb him, not yet, but pretty soon.

They crept up onto his lap and snuggled down close;
Soon that became boring, and more active thoughts arose.
They started to giggle and poke at his side;
Soon the snoring stopped, and his eyes opened wide.

They wanted a story that only grandfathers could tell;
They pleaded and begged, even started to yell.
They settled down quickly, when he started to speak;
Their little hands were gently touching his elderly cheek.


There seems to be a lot of talk about good and evil on the news recently. Since a portion of my book is dedicated to “free will” and its gift to humanity by God or a greater entity, I would like to expand what that means to me after considering this for many years.

We, in the United States were given guidelines by our founding father in an attempt to separate freedom of religion from politics. Obviously this line gets crossed many times, no matter how hard we try.

As an example, when we have an election, we decide to vote for or against what our individual minds feel is what we want out of an election. The winner decides what to do with victory or wish of the people who win. One’s free will is expressed by the election. What sometimes bothers me is that a significant number use their free will to not vote and do not actively participate in the election. What many forget is that not voting or expressing their desire for what they want is a passive vote that supports whoever won. A non vote means they accept the outcome, whatever it is.

Therefore a non vote is really a vote… One can expand this interpretation to our globe, planet earth. All of us have free will and not using it is not an excuse if something happens that we do not like or honestly support. This applies to our belief in faith of religion also. I will not expand further, at this time, it is something to think about and interpret for one’s self. Free will is a gift–you can use it or not, but not using the gift and accepting consequences for it is still a free will decision for all of us.

One either believes or they don’t, accepts or they don’t, but one cannot escape the consequence of using or not using this gift of responsibility. 



Texas Indiana II

Ive been getting some phone calls about a novel that was published and available on Amazon 9 years ago. It is available to check it out on hardback, soft cover or digital download. My grammar was still terrible at that time, but there were some compliments too.

I’m always open to comments about the way I am developing the blog site, and hope to improve it with time and feedback.

Now available through on line networks

The God Myth and Reality is now available through, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris. You can go to their own line sites and order if you wish.

I have some copies coming in the mail and hope to send those out to those I promised in the next week.

I posted the first chapter of the book for those who want to check it out. I also added a second rhyme story and will do more of those in the future.

Since I have never done a blog or web site in the past, I am open to opinions, comments or recommendations.