Down through the ages,
The eons of time,
Tales have been told
By song and by rhyme.

I’ll tell you a story.
It might even be true.
About the Leprechaun, his gold,
The Blarney Stone and you.

Once upon a time
A long time ago,
On that little green isle
Where we’d all like to go.

Lived wee little people,
Leprechauns by name.
Hoarding the gold
Was their main claim to fame.

Searchers did come,
And searchers did go,
Never did they find
That big pot of gold.

The Leprechauns were smart
And treasured their gold,
Then decided to share it
With the Irish I’m told.

To some they gave song,
Poetry, and prose.
To others, they gave the blarney,
Delightful and bold.

The rest of the gold
They stored in the stone.
Its up in the castle
And sits all alone.

A gift from the ancients
The ancients of old
A gift of the blarney
Delightful and bold

If you would go there
And kiss on that stone
You may come aware richer,
With some Leprechaun’s gold.

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