Follow up on Ferguson, MO

The riots are calming down, and the return to a small city and its own problems are returning. It will be a long time before this is solved, yet no on will be totally satisfied, no matter how it all comes out in the end. My prayers are with the people of Ferguson—it is their city.

Martin Luther King’s granddaughter was interviewed on the news–she was not in Ferguson, and commented that 1) they need peace before the healing can progress and that justice or resolving the issues can only  be achieved after you have peace . That is so logical it is a wonder why so many have to have a riot and violence to feel like they are achieving anything. She talked about how her family home was bombed as a child and her father went outside and stood on top of a car, then talked to all of the crowd who were forming a riot, and then he spoke to them that he and his family were safe and they should all go home and not riot outside of the law, which just makes things worse.

I had forgotten that event, but the memory is now solidified in my mind—I hope never to forget that simple, peaceful, and appropriate statement by him and how it is a different mindset than what we so often see today. FIRST PEACE, THEN JUSTICE COMES LATER. That is how our system is supposed to work,  not the way we see groups or people who immediately use chaos as an opportunity to violate out laws of conduct.

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