Everything keeps coming back to “FREE WILL”.

We have a sad but damaging uncontrolled riot in one of our small cities near St Louis. These are always sad and considered an evil episode with no good resolution. The death of a young man is terrible and has been used as a lightening rod by outsiders to promote their own cause. A fair and complete investigation of the death seems to be secondary to the reasons the rioters are there.

Civilizations are formed by humans agreeing to live together with rules or laws to live by. violations go outside the rules. We elect officials to do a job that represents all the people by following the rules or laws and enforcing them according to the law. Law enforcement officers are hired to abide by and enforce those rules. sometimes we as individuals or a group disagree with the rules and violate the law by trying to go outside those rules or laws of conduct. We have ways of changing laws by legal means–it is called the elective process that we all value so much.

Sometimes those who don’t vote, complain outside the system. Their energies would be better used to work within the system that we developed and agreed to live by. It’s not perfect but it is better than anything else.

Nothing but evil, damage, sadness, and ruination will occur with this outside of the law behavior. Our elected, appointed or hired enforcers of our laws should simply do the jobs they promised to abide by and enforce. That is why we have them, whether we always agree with them or not. If something in the system needs changed, there are guidelines and rules to make those changes.

Without laws and agreed rules to live by, the chaos of one small city could become a chaos of an entire nation or even a world. LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER AS AGREED.

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