Grandfathers Are Old

Grandfathers are old, sometimes very smart;
They are usually overweight but have a big heart.
Grandfathers are tired, and they’ve lived a long time,
But catch them just right, and they’ll tell you a rhyme.

Grandfather was sleeping, laid out in his chair;
The sound of his snoring resounding through the air.
Three little children crept quietly across the room;
They didn’t want to disturb him, not yet, but pretty soon.

They crept up onto his lap and snuggled down close;
Soon that became boring, and more active thoughts arose.
They started to giggle and poke at his side;
Soon the snoring stopped, and his eyes opened wide.

They wanted a story that only grandfathers could tell;
They pleaded and begged, even started to yell.
They settled down quickly, when he started to speak;
Their little hands were gently touching his elderly cheek.

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