There seems to be a lot of talk about good and evil on the news recently. Since a portion of my book is dedicated to “free will” and its gift to humanity by God or a greater entity, I would like to expand what that means to me after considering this for many years.

We, in the United States were given guidelines by our founding father in an attempt to separate freedom of religion from politics. Obviously this line gets crossed many times, no matter how hard we try.

As an example, when we have an election, we decide to vote for or against what our individual minds feel is what we want out of an election. The winner decides what to do with victory or wish of the people who win. One’s free will is expressed by the election. What sometimes bothers me is that a significant number use their free will to not vote and do not actively participate in the election. What many forget is that not voting or expressing their desire for what they want is a passive vote that supports whoever won. A non vote means they accept the outcome, whatever it is.

Therefore a non vote is really a vote… One can expand this interpretation to our globe, planet earth. All of us have free will and not using it is not an excuse if something happens that we do not like or honestly support. This applies to our belief in faith of religion also. I will not expand further, at this time, it is something to think about and interpret for one’s self. Free will is a gift–you can use it or not, but not using the gift and accepting consequences for it is still a free will decision for all of us.

One either believes or they don’t, accepts or they don’t, but one cannot escape the consequence of using or not using this gift of responsibility. 



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