Poetry vs Rhyme

Many years ago I published two books of Rhyme Poetry. Today rhyme poems are an unacceptable form for published poetry. I like to tell stories, create images with words, and tell or write stories on subjects that have a punch line at the end. After much thought, I felt a few stories or images would be acceptable to post.

The little gift of life came running through my front door.
It had two feet, a smile, and ever so much more.
The little gift rushed across the room, leaped into my arms,
Grabbed me around the neck and held on ever so tight.

I don’t know who was more excited, yet it seemed ever so right.

If you had one gift in life that could come true.
Shouldn’t it be a child who especially loves you.

If I receive positive comments, then I will probably post additional story rhymes to share.

3 thoughts on “Poetry vs Rhyme

    1. drblarney1931 Post author

      Wendelyn and Austin: Enjoyed the development of the blog so far. Trying to come up with new ideas. More poems on line. Do you have a tablet or i-pad to download the book to? I can mail you a card to get a download from xlibris if you are interested. You sound busy and I loved the photos so far.

      love uncle dan


    2. drblarney1931 Post author

      Sounds like the two of you are busy with your new adventure–a lot to see and a lot to learn about another culture. I hope you find the time to see special sites and people while you are there. It’s always a new experience when visiting versus working with another culture. My time with Aborigines in Australia, native Americans at there tribal reservations and inner city work with individuals from many countries are some of my best memories. Lots of countries consider us to be a bully from America, but I think we would seem the same way if they came to our country and pressed their opinions and demands on us–it’s just the way the world works.

      Have a nice day

      uncle dan



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