Good versus Evil

I originally decided to build an app with my new book, The  God Myth and Reality by Daniel R. Sullivan, MD. This is still the prime reason for this site, yet I know that reading non-exciting material without an action plot can be difficult, especially to tired eyes and attention.

For the book, I selected a fictional character, Jake McCoy, to carry the journey of a lifetime that seeks answers to the question of God or a greater entity. One either believes in God or they don’t. That is the question that drives Jake to seek answers, and  he will seek answers to these questions as he moves through a lifetime, and I hope that some of the questions he asks and seeks answers to are rewarding for you, the reader.

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, our universe was created, so accepting the Big Bang theory is the usual one at this time in our development. It occurred in a nano-moment of time and the universe expanded in that moment.

Galaxies were created, of which our solar system and planet are only one of an infinite number, yet at the moment of this writing there are theories that we are not alone; never-the-less we have not discovered or confirmed life elsewhere. At the moment of this writing, we know that all of our life forms have a common DNA origin that is carbon based. There is talk and consideration of silicon based DNA and others, yet none have been found that I am aware of. We all have this DNA in common, and it comes from our earth, just as suggested in the Bible.

After billions of years of adaptation, evolution, and the first appearance of humans, most of us believe that God or the indescribable entity gave us the power of free will. Free will means that each of us has the ability to make decisions, decisions have results, good and bad–therefore we have good and we have evil as a result of our free will. Thank goodness that it is mostly good so that God or the entity can judge us by where our free will has taken us. We have always had the option of making decisions that are positive or negative. No decision is a decision also, and it has the effect of supporting a positive or negative decision for the rest of humanity. We are responsible individually and as part of humanity at the same time. There is an old expression that “you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t,” All of us hope that on judgement day, if it exists, we will have exhibited more good than evil.

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